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The Reasons Why We Love Cake Box With Handle


Cake boxes with handles have become an increasingly popular way to transport cakes over the last few years. Unlike traditional cardboard cake boxes, these handy boxes come with a built-in handle or strap, making them much easier to carry. This added functionality is just one of the reasons why cake boxes with handles have stolen many bakers’ hearts. In this blog post, we’ll explore why these cake carriers have become a favorite addition for anyone who makes cakes.

The Convenience Factor

cake box with handle

One of the biggest reasons we love cake boxes with handles is pure and simple – convenience! Having an easy way to carry your cake creation makes life so much simpler. Here are some of key advantages handles provide:

  • Easier to carry longer distances
  • Less risky for transporting large/heavy cakes
  • Frees up hands to open doors and navigate spaces
  • Prevents potential spillage from tilting

This handy feature minimizes the effort required to get a cake from point A to point B. No longer do you need to precariously balance a box in your hands or arms. The handle enables you to comfortably carry even very large cakes with complete control.

Box TypeTypical Weight CapacityCarrying MethodSpill RiskDifficulty Level
Cardboard Cake Box5-10 lbsHands/ArmsHighHard
Cake Box with Handles10-25 lbsHandled GripLowEasy

Customization Options

Another great aspect of cake boxes with handles is the high degree of customization available. While classic cardboard cake boxes are fairly generic, handled versions provide all kinds of stylish options. Bakers can choose designs and colors that coordinate with their cake’s decor or theme.

From elegant white boxes to bold, colorful prints, there are so many possibilities! Handles also come in different materials like cloth or colorful ribbon. This creative versatility makes the boxes part of the overall presentation. You can also opt for transparent handled containers to proudly display your caked creation.

ThemeBox & Handle Styles
Classic Wedding CakeWhite base with white ribbon handle
Rustic CakeKraft box with jute rope handle
Birthday Cupcake CakeBold patterned box with rainbow fabric handle
Elegant CakeClear plastic hinged box with glossy handle

Better Protection

cupcake box

You put a lot of effort into baking and decorating your cakes to perfection. So naturally you want to keep them well protected during transportation. Cake boxes with handles provide excellent protection and stability thanks to their secure construction.

The box and lid fit tightly together, minimizing shaking that could displace decorations. Handles are also engineered to balance heavy weight displacement for smooth carrying. This prevents damage from tilting or jiggling. From start to finish, your cake remains completely protected.


Are they reusable or single use?

Most handled cake boxes are made from sturdy plastic or thick cardboard intended for multiple uses. Generally they can be cleaned and stored for reuse.

Do they come in custom sizes?

Yes – many manufacturers offer custom cake box sizes. So you can get an accurately sized box tailored to your cake dimensions.

Are they more expensive than regular boxes?

Handled cake carriers average $5-$15 based on size, materials, embellishments etc. So they typically cost a couple dollars more than basic cardboard boxes.

Can you stack them during transport or storage?

Most are not intended to be stacked, as weight and pressure could damage the cake inside. Nesting empty boxes for storage is recommended.

Are handles removable or permanent?

It depends on the box, but most handles are permanently attached. Some clear plastic boxes have removable handles for easy cleaning.

Conclusion:Cake Box With Handle

Cake boxes with built-in handles provide home bakers and cake designers with the ultimate in form, function and style. The ergonomic carrying capacity, abundant customization choices, and protective transport distinguish them from basic cake boxes. Anyone who makes cakes for special occasions or business should consider upgrading to these handle hero boxes! With so many impressive benefits, it’s easy to see why we love cake boxes with handles.

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