Sunshine Packaging offers various custom paper packaging solutions and project assistance
with pricing and service you'll be satisfied.
Sunshine Packaging specializes in designing custom packaging according to the customers’ requirements.
 Sunshine Packaging allows you to come to us for all of your custom packaging needs in paper material, size, styles 
and different surface treatments. 
We work with companies of all sizes and from a variety of industries, and we specialize in sustainable
 packaging manufacturing: cardboard, corrugated boxes, trays, sleeves, paper bag, paper cards and labels.

Paperboard boxes

Corrugated boxes


Paper bags


Paper cards



Professional paper packaging manufacturer

Provide Free Design
Cooperated With Fortune 500
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How we do?

Professional is the core of Sunshine.

“Packaging is a silent marketing tool”, everyone knows this, the customer know this and so do we. 

We always work closely on the packaging needs of our clients, positive work, fast response, easy 

communication, high quality, on-time delivery, wonderful after sale service, etc.

Packaging solutions

24/7/365, 1 team Vs 1 customer, Sunshine Packaging will fully support you with professional and creative packaging solutions.

Various paper options

Sunshine Packaging is always using eco-friendly paper material and choosing the right packaging format without compromising on the quality of the finished product. We can provide cardboard, corrugated paper, coated paper, Kraft paper, and other options which totally meet your requirements.Only working with branded and reliable paper mills is the start of our quality control.

Enhanced Color Rendering

The box design and structure should first satisfy the customer, that is why we will make the pre-production sample to double check.


There is strict quality control from every process. We do first piece confirmation and 10% spot check for each order.

Mass production sample

The mass-production sample will make all your expectations come true.


With advanced highly efficient machinery and professional Sunshine staff, we can always deliver on time and in full.

Packaging solutions by industry needs

Committed to solving packaging problems in different industries and meeting your customized needs.