Our team is paying close attention to the environmental friendliness of our products. Sustainable packaging is one of the most viable ways for us to demonstrate our commitment.

1 year can save


Of tons plastic

FSC Certificated
Mineral Oil Free Ink
Paper Recycled
Biodegradable material
VOC System
VOC exhaust gas emission monitoring system,
emission standards

Sustainably Manufactured Boxes

Our sustainable packaging boxes help us conserve resources as much as possible. In the facilities that manufacture your boxes, we make sure that no scrap goes to waste. You can trust us to continue creating sustainable packaging that supports our environment and protects and recycles our valuable resources.

Work with us to create custom solutions with sustainable product packaging that conserves as

much material as possible. We’ll partner with you in the effort to

protect our environment with each box you purchase.

Packaging solutions by industry needs

Committed to solving packaging problems in different industries and meeting your customized needs.