Box Style

Choose the box style as you like.
Straight Tuck End
Burger Box
French Fries Box
Gable Box
Bellows Style Top and Bottom Container
Lunch Box
Triangle box
4 Corner Tray
Auto bottom Popcorn Box
Double Wall Tuck Front
6 Corner/Self Erecting Boxes
Self-Lock Cake Box
Self-Lock Cake Box
Four Corner Cake Box
Pillow Box or Pillow Pack
123 Bottom
Reverse Tuck End
Tuckend Auto bottom
Seal Box
Straight TuckEnd with Hang Tab/ Five Panle Hanger
Flower box
Foot Lock Tray, Walker Lock Tray, or Tray with Self Locking Ends, or Double Wall Foot Lock
Double Wall With Display Lid
Auto Bottom Tray
Flower Shaped Top Closure
Gable Box Auto Bottom
Double Wall Tuck Top
Gable Bag Tuck End
4 Pack Bottle Carrier
Fence Partitions
Punch Insert

Unlimited box styles

Have the option to personalize your packaging any way you want to achieve your 

dream packaging with unlimited, customizable options!

Packaging solutions by industry needs

Committed to solving packaging problems in different industries and meeting your customized needs.