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Improve your operational efficiencies, optimize costs and brand engagements with dedicated services designed to be simple and easy for businesses of all sizes.

Structural Design & Engineering

Get best recommendations for materials and structure for optimal protection and visual appeal

Strategic structural design to help reduce material costs and improve freight utilization

High-impact focused solutions without compromising structural integrity and aesthetics

Product focused considerations to ensure safety and easy user function for your customers

Packaging Artwork Design

Industry tailored designs to accurately provide best applications to outshine your competitors

Improved brand image and identity by providing designs that clearly communicate brand message

Expertly designed visual hiearchy for improved customer purchasing decision in retail settings

Effective color schemes to accurately convey feelings that align with your brand and industry

Sample & Prototyping

Provide real material, size samples, the fastest 1 day out of the sample

Safe costs with accurate digital representations of your packaging in 3D mockups

Printed samples to ensure design solutions meet client expectations and industry standards

Unlimited experimentation with your packaging without breaking the bank

Flexibility packaging

With over 20 years of experience, sunshinepackaging has strived to provide quality packaging to our clients.

Best Price
Best Price
Reliable Service

Your trustworthy packaging supplier, witnessing customer growth

Obtain professional customized packaging solutions, save time and cost, and provide full tracking services

Strategic packaging consultation

One-on-one packaging consultation with our engineering experts to help us understand your goals to provide you the best packaging solution.

Design & Engineering

Professional packaging engineers design your custom box structure & dieline based on your product and goals while keeping protection and cost-savings in mind.

Packaging Testing & Validation

We go through stringent validation tests to ensure packaging complies with client expectations and other specialized packaging validation tests.

Power brand packaging with amazing professional capabilities

Our team of professionals have worked with thousands of business in achieving their desired results with each their own special details and finishes to help their brand stand out from their competitors. Sunshine packaging lets your packaging idea become reality with our team of expert structural engineers.

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